Three B's Bum Boobie and Belly Balm

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Bum Boobie and Belly Balm. 2 oz glass jar
100% natural multipurpose balm. Great for diaper rash, nursing mama's nipples, incisions, and stretch marks!
Made with organic Shea butter, calendula infused coconut oil, beeswax, organic aloe vera gel and arrowroot powder.
A favorite of moms everywhere!



"Recently, we experienced a frightening situation with our 2½ year old daughter. After about a week on Amoxycillin for a double ear infection, we noticed hives appearing on her tiny body. She was initially diagnosed with a viral infection and we were told to administer Zyrtec and Benadryl. Unfortunately, the hives transformed and spread so rapidly that we were forced to return to Urgent Care 24 hours after her initial outbreak. This time we were told that she’d had a severe allergic reaction to the antibiotic causing an outbreak of Erythema Multiform. Again, we were told that at this age there is no safe way to treat and that we need to just try to provide comfort for our daughter with OTC allergy medications and cool oatmeal baths. We were told that many creams and lotions could further irritate her sensitive skin and were advised to only use Cortizone out of desperation. After watching my baby suffer for 48 hours I tearfully posted a plea to social media begging for any suggestions on home remedies. That is when I heard from Karyn. After discussing the situation and providing her with photos of her current condition, she suggested the 3B’s balm. She had the jar ready for me within the hour and allowed me to pick it up from her at home. Karyn was so compassionate and thoughtful throughout the experience -- at no point did I feel like she was simply trying to sell me her product. She took the time to Google the ailment to confirm that it would be an appropriate match knowing that her little body could not handle a further outbreak. She offered suggestions and advice for usage and even followed up with me a few hours after picking up the product. We began applying the balm immediately after picking it up. I was pleasantly surprised at how soft and easy to spread it was -- given the sensitivity of her skin at that time she understandably did not like having anything applied. Thankfully, the soft nature of the product made spreading easy and she allowed us to coat her without argument. We took Karyn’s advice and dissolved a bit in warm water to make a spray for her scalp irritation. The scent was quite pleasant and didn’t smell at all like something that would be providing any type of healing. After several applications, my daughter started to ask for us to apply her “boo boo medicine” and we were noticing vast improvements in the amount of time that she was spending scratching. We were seeing hourly improvements in the appearance of her hives and by hour 24, her hives had started to transform to bruises -- this is a typical stage of the healing process for this condition but is often not seen until week 2-3! Nearly 48 hours later her bruises were almost invisible. We could see my daughter smile and laugh again and for that I was so grateful I could have cried. Additionally, this balm is made with all-natural ingredients -- something that I wasn’t always adamant on but knew would be necessary in this particular situation. Karyn has remained in contact with me asking for updates on our little girl and her overall progress. Not only is her product an absolute God send, but she gives new meaning to “above and beyond” Customer Service. Sadly, this skin condition could potentially become a recurring issue for my daughter -- and while we may not be able to control that, as a mom I feel comfort knowing that we have a weapon to combat her long-term discomfort. I have already ordered an additional jar to stash away “just in case” and will absolutely be purchasing for any expecting moms in my life! I honestly can not recommend the 3B’s Balm enough -- or shop owner Karyn! Thank you, thank you, thank you again for helping my sweet little girl!!!! Kira Shaw (Customer and mom of 3)"